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Concerned for your Senior
Aging in Place?

Are You and Your Senior Separated by Social Distance?
Are You and Your Senior Separated by Thousands of Miles?
Is Your Senior Reluctant to Ask for Help?
Personal - Touchless - Remote - Mobile - Comprehensive Monitoring

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Bring Peace of Mind to Your Family

Digital Caregiving

is touchless, mobile remote monitoring that sends actionable, real-time alerts to your mobile device when your loved one may be at risk. Use it exclusively or to supplement paid caregivers for affordable, full time, 24/7 care. envoyatHome helps you help your loved one age at home, wherever home may be – their private home, senior living, continuing care, assisted living, or in your home.

Care Insights

summarize and analyze caregiving data over time. Subtle changes in cognitive or physical behavior that manifest when a senior is alone are highlighted and presented with clinical perspective, so you can intervene early, align care plans with changing needs, and keep seniors aging in place longer. Share the insights with care managers and medical professionals for data-driven interventions that lower the cost and improve the quality of your caregiving.

Our Family Caregivers Say...

Comprehensive Care in ONE Solution

Cognitive Decline

Discover day/night confusion, pacing, wandering, coming and going at unexpected hours, unusual periods of activity or lethargy


Receive alerts for long or frequent bathroom visits, non-compliance to medical orders like avoiding stairs, prescribed exercise or rest

Well Being

Receive notification when a caregiver arrives, when the medicine cabinet is accessed or whether social distancing is respected

Home Environment

Use your cell phone to unlock a door for a First Responder, be alerted to a home that's dangerously hot or cold or if a door is opened

Finally, a Solution for the Family Caregiver

A Game Changer for Any Family

Touchless digital remote monitoring empowers long distance families, socially distanced seniors and reluctant residents of senior living

envoyatHome Knows What’s Up

And you will too. You’ll get an alert if Dad tries to leave the house in the middle of the night, but not when he leaves to get the mail in the morning. You’ll receive notice for long periods of inactivity, but not when Mom is sleeping. You personalize a Care Plan to tell the system what’s normal and what’s not—and you can easily change and adjust it at any time.

Insights into Better Caregiving

envoyatHome can tell you what your loved ones cannot. All that time your loved one spends alone and unattended? Care Insights removes the caregiving blind spot to replace guesswork with actionable information for you, your care partners, and loved one's medical team.

Features For Family Caregivers

Digital Caregiving

Receive unlimited, immediately actionable, real-time alerts to your mobile device when your loved one may be at risk.

An Hour to Care

If you can click and swipe, you're ready for envoyatHome! Just show us to a power outlet, a port on the back of the internet router and tell us about your caregiving concerns. Peace of mind in less than an hour.

Share the Care

Invite as many caregivers as you like to share the care. No extra charge for caring families or families using paid caregivers.

Care Insights

Replace those blind spots with actionable information. Uncover behavioral trends, patterns and subtle changes so you, your home care agency, and doctors can make data-driven decisions on medical intervention and adjustments to care plans.

We Care Too

We know you worry when your loved one is home alone. We're caregivers too! Our team of aging experts - Gerontologists, Nurses, Healthcare Researchers - are committed to making envoyatHome work for you.

Affordable Full Time Care

Supplement part time paid caregivers with envoyatHome for 24/7 full time care. Keep your senior living in their own home longer at a fraction of the cost of traditional care options.

envoyatHome replaces caregiving guesswork with data.

envoyatHome empowers your loved one to live at home – LONGER.

Whether separated by social distance or thousands of miles, remote caregivers are entrusted with overwhelming responsibility, but armed with little more than a telephone – until now.

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