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There’s lots of good advice for family caregivers. Do yoga to relieve stress. Don’t ignore self-care. Ask for help from friends and family.


We love yoga and self-care too. But yoga can’t make senior care affordable, accessible, or reduce a senior’s risk when they’re home alone.


envoyatHome can.


We make your caregiving smarter. You keep your loved one aging in place. 

This is caregiving in the digital age.

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Passive Monitoring for Safety

Passive means no objectionable cameras, invasive listening devices, microphones, or buttons to activate – a real challenge for cognitive patients. We use no bracelets or pendants that can be lost, forgotten, or ignored by seniors afraid of losing their independence. 24 x 7, envoyatHome monitors for the behaviors you set in the app, immediately notifying you when your loved one may be at risk. 

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Nights and Weekends

The overnight hours can be particularly worrisome for families, even those who pay for care during the day. You assume your loved one is in bed and sleeping because you have no information to suggest otherwise – until an emergency. Our client experience proves that caregivers who have overnight data find UTIs, anxiety, dehydration, wandering, elopement and other conditions that benefit from treatment.


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Memory and Aging

Some of the most difficult challenges caregivers face are a loved one’s cognitive journey. Many seniors don’t notice they’ve become forgetful, can’t see their judgement as impaired, or are reluctant to admit symptoms for fear of losing independence. But it doesn’t have to be this way. When families share envoyatHome behavioral data with clinicians, they can intervene earlier to support a senior’s ability to live independently longer.

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Smart Home Isn't Smart Care

Activity monitors for seniors and other smart home technology for seniors can’t do what envoyatHome can – discover BEHAVIOR. We use IoT devices and smart home technology in your senior’s home to make YOU smarter, not the house. It’s behavior that a caregiver can influence with interventions for senior safety, wellness, cognitive status, and compliance to medical orders. Make your care smarter, not just the house.

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Part Time to Full Time Care

Research reports that a typical senior spends 20 hours a day alone. You stop by when you can, hope she answers the phone when you call, or ask a neighbor to check in – again. Or, like many families, you rely on part-time paid caregivers to help. But what happens after the aide leaves? Senior monitoring can supplement part-time care because let’s face it, she still has dementia after the aide leaves.

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